What is CareTrac?

CareTrac is a national network of health and fitness centres that provides employees and their families with flexible, convenient and cost effective access to a variety of quality assured activity centres where they need it, such as gyms and pools, and includes activities such as indoor rock climbing, squash, nutritionist, yoga and remedial massage (some peripheral activities may incur a small surcharge).

What are the Membership Benefits?

Choose a payment model to suit your needs

Fixed Weekly Priced Memberships
  • One low price for unlimited national access to hundreds of outlets
  • Visit as may different outlets as often as you like
  • Variety of facility types available (subject to locations)
  • Advantage of flat rate fees
  • Direct debit payments, via credit card or bank account
  • Family discounts available
  • Cheaper than directly joining most premium fitness clubs
  • Employee-pays
A user-pays system where companies only pay for actual staff visitations. Moreover, the monthly capped rate provides financial protection for high frequency users. Participants/companies are not locked into long term memberships.

National Network

Through our corporate partners in the health and fitness industry, we are able to rapidly expand our network of reputable health and fitness providers based on your geographical location of your offices around Australia, enabling you access to the network seven days a week wherever there is a CareTrac Activity Centre.

To view our current facilities, please visit our interactive Outlet Map.

Who can Sign-up?

Because CareTrac is a corporate health and fitness network, our memberships are available to employees and contractors, their spouse/defacto and dependants (different plan options apply and are subject to the policy of your employer) of any organization signed up with CareTrac.

So rally up your colleagues to encourage your employer to sign up and enjoy gym membership at fantastic rates!

Company support and subsidization programs

We offer your employer the ability to subsidise your fitness centre usage based on their own company policies and decisions.

Keith Skinner Engineering Officer, Ausgrid
Since beginning the Activity Network my heart rate has decreased by 20 beats per minute down from 145 to 125 on the treadmill. It has loosened up my legs and I am feeling fitter. I haven't had any sick days. It's wonderful that its available to us, the range of equipment and staff assistance is great. It is a real motivator from the company.