About us

Welcome to CareTrac Activity Network!

About us

CareTrac's mission is to increase the number of people who participate in the recommended rates of physical activity thereby assisting them to achieve economic, productive and fulfilled lives.

CareTrac Activity Network is creating a national-networked health & fitness attendance and monitoring system. The system maximizes both institutional and individual participant's benefit from the demonstrated links between participation in physical activity and long term health enhancement, health cost reduction and productivity improvements.

If your focus is the retention and development of your people, especially as we continue to see high workforce participation levels creating a diminishing pool of qualified workers, then CareTrac Activity Network can help you retain them. By providing employees with a welcome, but cost effective, benefit that will assist them to maintain and improve their own long-term health by achieving sufficient levels of physical activity, you will be able to reap the dual benefit of goodwill, retention and productivity gains.

"At CareTrac, we value an active and healthy lifestyle. Through workplace health initiatives we aim to get more of the community active, making a positive change in their lives whilst also creating a healthier and more productive work force."

CareTrac CEO